We want to give you reasons to live, work, invest, take a break or enjoy your free time in one of Spain’s most unknown regions:

1º.- Nature, sun and water: Extremadura has abundant natural resources, with more than twenty natural parks and protected natural areas. It is also a paradise for hunting and fishing lovers. All this, within an average of more than 3,000 sunshine hours a year. 

One of the most surprising features to those who visit this region for the first time is the abundance of water. Did you know that it is the region with more kilometers of coast in Spain and one of the first in Europe? It has 4 river basins and 40 reservoirs. So it is a perfect place to practice any kind of water or adventure sport.

2º.- Privileged region: its strategic location is of great socio-economic interest. It serves as a connecting axis between the towns of Madrid- Lisbon – Seville, with the consequent potential for human, industrial and commercial development.

3º.- History:  among the beauty and artistic value of each place in Extremadura the so called “World heritage Triangle” spotlights. It is composed by the cities of Cáceres, Mérida and Guadalupe and so was awarded by the UNESCO. 

In Cáceres its monumental city awaits us, one of the most impressive and best preserved of the Peninsula Ibérica and Europe’s artistic monuments. In Mérida, we find an amazing set of Roman monuments, including theater, amphitheater, and circus. In Guadalupe, its royal monastery hosts an artistic and historic heritage of such importance, that allows us to enjoy paintings of Zurbarán, Goya and El Greco.

 4º.- Gastronomy richness: People always said Extremadura is Spain’s pantry. Currently multiple products are internationally endorsed with the sign of quality “certificate of origin” such as: wines: Ribera del Guadiana; ham (jamón ibérico) Dehesa de Extremadura; cheese: Torta del Casar, la Serena and Ibores; olive oil: Oil Gata-Hurdes, Oil Monterrubio, and other products as the Pimenton de la Vera (red paprika powder), Extremadura’s veal and lamb, Villuercas-Ibores´ honey or the Valle del Jerte’s cherries.

 5º.- Lowest price per square meter: Living in Extremadura is on average a 23 per cent less expensive as in the most expensive Spanish region. Thus, for example, Cáceres, with some of the lowest rental rates and IBI (property tax), was declared in 2015 the second-best Spanish city to live.

We love our job, but we like much more where we develop it.

If you’re going to live or invest in Extremadura, give us a call.